Veteran Care and Resources

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Veteran Care and Resources Share the History Many of us have friends or loved ones who are veterans or are actively serving in the military. We love our veterans, and we like finding sincere expressions of our pride in their service. To celebrate Veterans Day, CareAparent is undertaking a project during the month of November to collect the history and … Read More

When the Future Becomes Now: Care and Finances

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When the Future Becomes Now: Care and Finances Many would prefer to deny their loved one’s age. However, when it comes to financial planning, thinking of the future becomes essential for all parties involved. Some families may have already started providing financial or personal assistance to a loved one. However, as one continues to age the need for assistance steadily … Read More

Health and Wellness Resolutions for the Elderly

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It can be easy to lose track of what we are supposed to be doing to stay healthy. Life is busy, after all, and between work, family, and other obligations, it’s hard to make time for everything we need to do. That can especially be the case when it’s not just your own health you’re looking after, but also that … Read More

Is It Time for In-Home Care? Recognizing the signs.

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As we ourselves age, so too do our parents. As adults we often find ourselves becoming the caretakers of others, paying back the loving dedication and care we received as children. Aging parents, however, can sometimes present unique challenges that you may not be equipped to handle. While caring for a loved one can be a rewarding and unique bonding … Read More

Talking About In-Home Care with Your Loved One

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For anyone with aging parents, you know that any decline in health and capability can be difficult to address. If your parent’s home is not as tidy as it used to be, or they can’t remember when to take their medication, that’s worrying. They may even not be eating very well anymore because cooking is more difficult for them. For … Read More

Outdoor Activities for Seniors to Enjoy


Many seniors love the outdoors, and getting outside is great for their health, both physical and emotional. There are many outdoor activities that a senior can enjoy, and as a caretaker there are activities you can help them with outside, and maybe enjoy yourself as well! Below, you can learn about several outdoor activities that you and your loved one … Read More