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Hats Off Caregivers

Individuals who care for others are special souls. Professional caregivers – individuals who work for an agency to provide care in the home for the loved ones of others – are no exception. CareAparent’s caregivers know that it takes heart, compassion, and dedication to love and serve others. Some days it takes a lot more than that.

As anyone who has done this work or hired someone to do it knows direct care for individuals in the home is not about playing games on a tablet and smiles every day. Our caregivers help people get by, one day at a time, one step at a time. They help people transfer from a bed to a wheelchair or help them get dressed or shower. They help with the laundry and cooking and cleaning. They bring them to appointments and pick up their groceries and prescriptions. They make sure they are safe and healthy to the extent they can and call for help if when it’s needed. They love. They care. And they matter.

Professional caregivers choose this career track for many different reasons, some of which overlap. Below is a list of the most common reasons CareAparent caregivers choose a career in- home health care.

  • They make a difference. Professional caregivers in the home can be the difference between living independently and living in a nursing home or assisted living environment. They commit to helping clients in the home with tasks many of us take for granted, including simple homemaking tasks, self-care and hygiene, transportation or meal preparation. Clients rely on them for the assistance they need when they cannot do it alone. They have an impact and make a difference every time a caregiver arrives at their door.
  • They change lives. When a client has struggled with the challenges of living independently or a family member has been helping a loved one, a professional caregiver coming into the home changes everything. There is peace of mind and security in knowing that a professional individual is helping manage the tasks that need to be done. Competent, reliable caregivers provide an extra level of comfort by assuring that someone is not only in the home providing care but is connected to a support network that can address and assist with unexpected or unusual problems that might arise. Caregivers have endless opportunities to change their clients’ lives not just during a single visit, but over the course of time with the client.
  • They are part of a deeply rewarding profession. Caregivers and nurses alike report that the work they do is very rewarding. It is meaningful to them, to their clients, and generally to their clients’ family members. As the aging population continues to grow in these next thirty years, the need for professional caregivers in the home will continue to grow as well. People who are looking for positions that are rewarding, even when that recognition is not given to them during each visit, can experience great satisfaction knowing that what they do for others has a social and personal impact.
  • They have the benefit of flexible scheduling. Professional home health caregivers and nurses working for CareAparent defines their schedule. They work as much or as little as they decide, which allows for a great work-life balance. It also makes it possible to work and go to school at the same time, or work for two employers at the same time by allowing schedule changes that meet specific, personal needs. Professional caregivers come from diverse backgrounds with individuals in different life stages, from students to working professionals to empty-nesters and retirees, the flexibility affords each of them and everyone in between the opportunity to have a rewarding job that fits their lifestyle.
  • They have an opportunity for professional growth development. A career as a professional caregiver can open doors to advancement in health care fields and leadership. There are many options for growth through career development, innovative programs, training and access to leading-edge technologies.

CareAparent is grateful for each caregiver in our organization and recognizes their contribution to the lives of their clients and to our agency. 

February 21 is National Caregiver Day. If you’ve made this your career, thank you. If you are interesting in learning more about how you can join this growing army of compassionate life-changers, contact CareAparent at 651-702-HOME(4663) or check us out online at CareAparent Careers.


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