Hospice Support

Hospice Support Services

When a loved one has been enrolled in a hospice program at home, CareAparent recognizes families may need increased assistance during these end-of-life stages. Our trusted caregivers can provide the support and care needed so you and your family can focus on the more important things.

Hygiene and Wellness

… good hygiene. Our professional home health aides can provide stand-by or hands-on assistance with showering or bathing, dressing, grooming and other hygiene essentials so you or your loved one can look and feel their best. Additional personal cares, such as emptying a catheter bag or changing a disposable undergarment, are provided as needed specific to each client. Caregivers can also assist with repositioning and adjusting bed positions for you or your loved one to reduce bed sores and ulcers.

Light Housekeeping

… household tasks such as vacuuming, sweeping, mopping floors, or cleaning the bathroom. Caregivers will also monitor bed linens regularly, ensuring clean linens and clothing, and will launder and fold them as needed.

Respite Care

… for your loved one, taking time for personal activities or to simply rest and recharge makes a physical, mental, and emotional difference. CareAparent can assist with maintaining a continuum of care for you or your loved one through temporary overnights or regularly scheduled shifts.

Medication Reminders

… taken on time and in compliance with a physician’s order. Caregivers provide reminders to ensure medications are taken at the correct times each day.

Errands and Transportation

… spend time with your loved one and family. Our caregivers can assist with running errands or picking up groceries.

Meals and Feeding Assistance

… meals according to ability and appetite. Caregivers remain attentive to hydration and water intake as you or your loved one’s needs change.

Pet Care

… part of a family. Our caregivers are available to attend to the daily needs of furry friends including exercise, providing fresh water and food, or litter changes.

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