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Providing comfort and dignity during the end-of-life stages is an essential part of Hospice care. When a loved one has been enrolled in a hospice program at home, CareAparent recognizes families may need increased assistance. Having caregivers in the home to provide Hospice Support allows you and your family to focus on the more important things and continue to provide peace of mind staying within the home.

CareAparent believes in client-centered care plans, providing as much support as our clients want or needs. We understand each day differs for you or your loved one. Our caregivers can be scheduled weekly, daily, or even 24 hours a day to supplement Hospice care.

A Hospice agency’s focus is to maintain the comfort of the client as they enter the home at various end-of-life stages. The Hospice nurse or case manager generally monitors the client’s condition and oversees all medications according to the needs of the client. Hospice also provides an aide usually once to three times a week to assist with showers, dressing, and personal care. As the client’s condition and well-being shifts, Hospice coordinates to ensure the client has the necessary equipment and supplies such as beds, commodes, and more.

Continuum of Care 
CareAparent understands beginning Hospice may be overwhelming for you or your loved one. Hospice Support provided with CareAparent provides a seamless transition and collaboration of care with the Hospice agency in the home. Focusing on household items such as getting groceries or washing the sheets is often not the priority for you or your loved one nor should it be.

Caregivers can assist with tasks such as medication reminders to ensure medication is being taken as it is prescribed by Hospice. In additional, maintaining a high level of personal hygiene is essential and caregivers can assist sponge baths, or showers on the days Hospice is not in the home. Light housekeeping, laundry, grocery shopping and even pet care are examples of services we can provide as Hospice Support. CareAparent’s care plan continues to reflect the needs of your loved one throughout each stage and everyone’s preference.

The mission at CareAparent is to provide care for our clients to continue the enjoyments of life, to embrace aging in place, and to live independently and safely at home. If you have further questions about CareAparent’s Hospice support, please contact us today for more information!

Facts about Hospice Care

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