Outdoor Activities for Seniors to Enjoy


Many seniors love the outdoors, and getting outside is great for their health, both physical and emotional. There are many outdoor activities that a senior can enjoy, and as a caretaker there are activities you can help them with outside, and maybe enjoy yourself as well! Below, you can learn about several outdoor activities that you and your loved one can enjoy outside.

Benefits of Outdoor Activities

As we age, our body often doesn’t respond as well as it did in younger years. However, this does not mean that they need to be completely immobile or stuck indoors. In fact, getting outside is incredibly beneficial to seniors.

Not only does getting outdoors mean the senior is getting some exercise, it also means they are getting sunlight, which helps keep levels of Vitamin D at a healthy level. It has also been proven that seniors who get outdoors and are at least mildly active maintain higher brain functions for longer. With all these benefits, there’s no reason to stay confined inside!

Outdoor Activities


Fishing is a great activity to with a senior. They will enjoy the catch and release; it’s a surprise every cast. You don’t know what you will catch, Fishing is an easy activity that they can sit down and enjoy, and they can also find or create some shade to keep them out of the sun on hotter days.

Bird Watching

Many seniors love bird watching. You can put bird feeders near the garden or porch where they can sit in the shade and watch the different birds that come to the feeders. You can also take them to local parks and walking paths so they can watch the birds and identify the different birds that they see. Birding guides are available at most bookstores for seniors who wish to work on identifying local birds.

Yard Games

There are a wide variety of yard games that seniors enjoy playing. You may enjoy playing them as well! You can play games such as horseshoes, cornhole, croquet, badminton, and shuffleboard. These are all simple games to play, and they can keep a person moving and getting some low-impact exercise.

Games like these are also a great way to encourage seniors to socialize, which can be good for their mental and emotional health.

Going for Walks

You can take short walks at the park, through the neighborhood, or even the local shopping plaza. Seniors can always use the exercise to keep their bodies moving and limber, and seeing the world around them can help keep their mind active and engaged. Allow the senior to move at their own pace, and keep in mind they may need some time to build up stamina to begin with.

Seniors Like to Have Fun Too

Ultimately, as the caregiver you will know what the person you are caring for is able to handle. However, they will always be able to enjoy the outdoors in most circumstances, even if it is just sitting outside on the porch and having a glass of lemonade.

The items on this list are a great place to start, but speaking with each senior can help you feel out what they might be interested in. Keep in mind that each senior is an individual with varying interests, and use those interests to develop outdoor activities that keep them active and interested in the great outdoors.

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