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Veteran Care and Resources

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Many of us have friends or loved ones who are veterans or are actively serving in the military. We love our veterans, and we like finding sincere expressions of our pride in their service. To celebrate Veterans Day, CareAparent is undertaking a project during the month of November to collect the history and stories from our veterans. If the stories are not shared these experiences, and our history as a nation will disappear. Join us this year for a story project:

  • Ask a veteran to share one or more special stories from their military experience.
  • Please remember to be sensitive about these experiences which may be difficult for the veteran to relate or express.
  • Help them record or write down the story. This is a great opportunity to keep their special memories safe and they’ll love knowing you value their life history.
  • With permission from the veteran, email the story to Kalena Davis at CareAparent ( to be shared on our website.

Veteran Care

As we consider our veterans’ contributions, we’re grateful for their courage and determination. Their commitment to ensuring our freedom and security inspires fresh patriotism in all of us. When it’s our turn to support and protect them, we want to know their needs will be met and they’ll have the skilled, compassionate care they deserve.

Because of their service, our veterans often need special care as they age, and more than 70 percent of Minnesota’s Veterans are age 55 or older. To help veterans of all ages remain in their own homes, state and federal Veterans Affairs programs allows CareAparent to provide help with daily activities:

  • Homemaker and Home Health Aide Care allows trained caregivers who can help veterans with self-care like bathing, dressing, or fixing meals. Veterans retain their dignity and independence and enjoy having new companions interested in the stories of their lives.
  • Respite Care services allows in a veteran’s own home, an adult day care, or in a nursing home to allow family caregivers to run errands, take care of personal appointments or get away for a few hours or a few days. Family caregivers can find it difficult to take a break, and this program allows them to relax and decompress, helping them stay healthy and be better prepared to care for their loved ones.

In addition, the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs helps Veterans find the support they need, including health care, mental health programs, housing, employment, and financial services. Each county has Veterans Service Officers who can help Veterans and their families learn what benefits they may be eligible to receive.

Call CareAparent at (651) 702-HOME (4663) for more information and assistance working with the VA to obtain services.


For more information on Homemaker, Home Health Aide, and Respite Care for veterans, visit: CareAparent Veteran Services

To find your County Veterans Service Officer, call (888) LinkVet (546-5838) or visit: MN County Veterans Service Officers

For more information on benefits and resources, visit Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs: MN Veteran Affairs

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