Medication Management: What Your Loved Ones Need To Know

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Medication Management In Home Care

Managing medications is hard. Tracking what to take throughout the day can be complicated for you or your loved ones. CareAparent is here to make medication management easier, safer, and less stressful!

CareAparent’s medication management in home care offers peace of mind knowing that a licensed medical professional, either a registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN), will visit your loved one regularly to ensure medications are being taken in the proper dose and at the correct times each day. 

What are the benefits of Medication Management? 

Preventing Hospitalizations
Managing medication properly can prevent the risk of a fall or other serious medical situations for yourself or your loved one. Sometimes medications can have side effects that cause reactions such as dizziness or fatigue. This can cause you or your loved one to add additional medication to the daily roster. Taking the medications properly can help reduce the chance of adding non-prescribed medications or hospitalizations, and overall function can improve. 

Creating a System 
Having to consume multiple or complex medications regularly can be overwhelming, especially if you or your loved one are managing it alone. When you or a loved one has to take medications multiple times a day, it can present a challenge to remember what’s been previously consumed.  

At the start of each week, setting up all medications in a dispenser or box labeled with the day and time a medication is to be taken can assist in a smoother process. Creating a calendar or checklist provides an additional prompt to verify that all medication has been taken and can track any changes you or your loved one may notice to report to physicians or medical professionals.  

In-Home Nurse
Sometimes physical or mental conditions require you or your loved one to need additional assistance managing medications. Hiring an in-home nurse can provide guidance and relieve the worry of incorrect medications. Nurses can also assist with ordering refills and monitor any changes that result from medication. 

CareAparent’s Skilled Nurses  

CareAparent’s Skilled Nurses can assess and monitor health conditions to help you or your loved one remain in place. The ability to have a Skilled Nurse come into the home encourages and promotes staying healthy and active. If you or a loved one have any questions or would like to learn more about CareAparent’s Skilled Nursing, click here.

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