How to Talk to Seniors About In-Home Care & Address Concerns

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In-home care is unfamiliar territory for many seniors and their families. It’s understandable why receiving care is hard to accept after a lifetime of taking care of themselves and others. Unfortunately, their opposition does not change the need for care. Here are some common concerns seniors have regarding in-home care and strategies you can use to address them.   “I … Read More

A Guide for Seniors with Pets

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A Guide for Seniors with Pets

For many of us, pets are part of our family and bring gratification to our lives. This can be especially true for seniors. According to a study from the National Poll on Healthy Aging, three out of ten seniors are lonely, and that number jumps up to six in ten for those who live alone. Pets are one way older … Read More

Medication Management: What Your Loved Ones Need To Know

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Medication Management In Home Care

Managing medications is hard. Tracking what to take throughout the day can be complicated for you or your loved ones. CareAparent is here to make medication management easier, safer, and less stressful! CareAparent’s medication management in home care offers peace of mind knowing that a licensed medical professional, either a registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN), will visit … Read More

Occupational Therapy In Home Care for Seniors

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Occupational Therapy In Home Care for Seniors – CareAparent

In April, CareAparent honors and recognizes the work of Occupational Therapists. Each one of these therapists play a vital role in promoting independence through solutions and assistance to those in need. CareAparent is proud to offer Occupational Therapy as one of our interdisciplinary approaches to care in the home. Our goal is to help our clients remain as independent as … Read More