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Wellness is composed of a variety of aspects, each equally important as we age. CareAparent recognizes daily activity and lifestyle habits can play a major role to maintain independence and safety in the home.

Keeping a consistent, healthy diet promotes independence in the home as it relates to strength, energy, and overall quality of life. Poor nutrition and lack of water can lead to malnutrition, lower energy levels, weakened immune system and vitamin deficiencies, and a host of other health issues. Ensuring that each meal includes all the proper grains, protein and other nutrition needed can promote a well-rounded died. Staying hydrated each day, especially in the summer, prevents heat-related complications that can be taxing on you or your loved one’s body.

Regular physical activity can improve the immune system, relieve stress, maintain strength, and reduce the risk for falls, all of which promote the ability to age independently and safely at home.

As we age, the body often does not respond as well as it once did. Past physical activities and routines such as playing basketball or tennis may not be an option. However, continuing to go outside or participate in activities such as fishing or yard games (cornhole, badminton, shuffleboard) can be a wonderful option for staying active. Simple exercises in the home or a short walk each day can keep us stronger and healthier longer as well.

Staying Sharp:
Social interaction can help maintain an active and sharp brain. Calling a friend or neighbor can reduce isolation and loneliness for you or your loved one. Engaging in mental activities can stimulate the brain and contribute to slowing memory loss and improving cognition. Examples include completing a crossword puzzle, scrabble, sudoku, or reading.

CareAparent provides care for our clients to continue the enjoyments of life, to embrace aging in place, and to live independently and safely at home. If you or a loved one could use support for daily activities, please contact CareAparent today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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